Welcome to WindConnect

WindConnect is a renewable energy development company founded in 2008. Our core business is development of small and medium scale (<5MW) wind energy development in Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

Our goal is to apply innovative thinking to the development of renewable energy and work in partnership with landowners and other stakeholders to harness our natural resources to create a sustainable and cost effective source of electricity generation.

The case for investment in renewable energy is stronger than ever:


  • Rising fossil fuel prices – only two billion of the six billion global population are material consumers of fuel. As this increases with global wealth creation, fossil fuel supply will become increasingly stretched and a long term upward price pressure will be maintained.
  • Energy security of supply – increasingly gas and oil are supplied from or via less politically stable countries than historically was the case.
  • Renewable energy delivers an indigenous energy supply.
  • Climate change – whether or not climate change is going to be catastrophic, man will not ignore the possibility which will take generations to conclude.Renewable energy for the large part provides carbon free power at the point of generation.