Connecting with People

We believe an open, transparent approach based on trust delivers the best results. We work closely with landowners at each stage of project development and keep you informed at each stage of development.

WindConnect has a simple agreement which gives the landowner a guaranteed annual income for the lease of road and turbine area for the lifetime of the project.



  • Landowner retains ultimate ownership of site
  • Typically 95% of land remains unaffected.
  • Attractive annual income for the lifetime of the project
  • No costs are incurred by landowner – everything is paid by WindConnect
  • Transparent and practical approach with regular landowner updates
  • Experienced and professional team in place

Partly Developed Sites

WindConnect is interested to talking to landowners who have sites with planning permission or are in the planning process and are interested in partnering with a strong market player with the capability to deliver.