About Us

The team at WindConnect has been actively involved in the Irish and international wind industry since 1993. Collectively, we have over 50 years of renewable energy project development and construction experience.

We are focussed on the development of smaller scale wind power projects in the Northern Ireland and Great Britain. We look at sites with potential to develop between 250kW and 5MW.

Expert construction and operational services are provided by sister service companies IWCM and Optinergy.

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Key Benefits

We believe the case for investment in renewable energy is stronger than ever:

Rising fossil fuel prices – only two billion of the six billion global population are material consumers of fuel. As this increases with global wealth creation, fossil fuel supply will become increasingly stretched and a long term upward price pressure will be maintained.

Even at $40/bbl oil most renewable energy is competitive

Security of Energy Supply – increasingly gas and oil are supplied from or via less politically stable countries than historically was the case.

Renewable energy delivers an indigenous energy supply.

Sustainable Development – whether or not climate change is going to be catastrophic, man will not ignore the possibility which will take generations to conclude.

Renewable energy for the large part provides carbon free power at the point of generation.

This is backed by UK government commitment to renewable under the Feed In Tariff Scheme in Great Britain and the Renewable Obligation Certificate in Northern Ireland.